About us

More than just a career…

…It’s a way of life! We are a contractor with a factory and we pride ourselves in being different from the rest. Blazing our own trail, life at M-AR is more than just a 9-5 it’s a place we call home.

A great company built by great people who are brilliant at what matters

Our values

…are ingrained in each and every one of us;

  • Brilliant at what matters
  • People Focused team players
  • Keeping our fingers on the pulse
  • Treat everyone with safe-hands
  • Challenge the status-quo

It’s in our DNA.

Admired partner

To be the most ADMIRED PARTNER in the construction industry for realising true innovation and predictable project outcomes

Frictionless journey

To make the construction customer journey as frictionless and exciting as buying a new car

The GO TO team

To be industry’s GO TO team for projects that will surpass those available in the market

Life at M-AR

More than just a career… It’s our way of life!

A work family

We are all brilliant at what matters and truly passionate about what we do. Our team are our biggest asset and we know the importance of a happy team.

Leaving a legacy

With a diverse pool of specialities, backgrounds and knowledge we find innovation in all areas of the business and empower each other to be more than we ever thought possible.

With training, progression and autonomy throughout M-AR, we are a company blazing our own trail and leaving a legacy

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